After quitting scamming willingly and I came out publicly to share my stories and helpful information on how to avoid being scammed! Why would someone decided to attack me, abuse me, curse me and threaten me with police and gangster?

Hi again reader! first of all I’m really glad for worldpress because I have always been looking forward to ways I will apologise to everyone that was a victim of scammers, either through my actions or other scammers out there as I wasn’t the only one into scamming people hard earn money online. Some Asians, Americans, Europeans etc are also into scamming people. Scam is a global stuff and funny enough what people don’t know is that there are ”Legitimate Scammers” out there not only illegal scam. I will elaborate more about legitimate scammers later not now. Granted- my previous actions deserve more than vocal attack or abuse that I suffer from this particular lady that prompt me to write this post if I was caught in the act, but for the fact that I wasn’t caught neither am I doing this for negative agenda. So therefore, I think all the abuse, curse and threat is uncalled-for cos if I didn’t post all this stuff and kept silent like some of other scammers that stopped scamming did nobody would have know who I’m not to talk of receiving the hassle. So my humble advise for anyone out there that want to attack me, curse me, threaten, please safe yourself the drama cos nobody is perfect and besides that we all have our shortcoming and skeleton in the closets.  As for the lady in question, I feel it’s not important to put her name online but here is one of her many message and I quote ”I know who you are and what you do asshole. I’ve read your ‘blog’ I’ve ask people and they’ve said the same thing. I did my research. I know what you’re doing on here”. In some of her other message she threaten to inform police.  Like my question to her, would she be able to send me such messages if not that she saw my blog post on here that I intentionally put online personally and even with my picture in one of my blog post?  With my picture on here, that should pass the message across to people that I have sincerely and genuinely repented and seeking for forgiveness of the masses because I know that God almighty has forgiven me the moment I made amendment by stopping scamming.
I’m not foolish before I decided to post stuff about myself online for the public to read, I did this because I want to help the masses not to earn money or sell any product to people on here.  If you notice since when I started the blog is over a year ago, and before then I have stopped scamming. And ever since when I stopped scamming I have been living from hand-to-mouth which is better for me than to earn money in dubious ways or by scamming people again. I have vowed in my life never to engage in scamming people again which is why I dedicated my life to reveal scamming method I know of and how to avoid being a victim of the scammers. Once again I’m sorry if you have had your share of the cakes or perhaps is your friends or family or colleague. Please accept my sincere apology from the bottom of my heart. Having said that, allow me to quickly address this accusation of the lay because she’s getting the wrong image of whom I’m now. She claimed to know what I’m doing now, but when I asked her in what sense till date she never replied me. No doubt my previous life was a messed and I regret all my actions then but please don’t judge me with my past anymore as I had put that behind me. I’m now a new person and living a new life. I don’t dwell in the past anymore in anyway. I look at the bright future ahead of me now.
Here is a summary of my life journey so far in Malaysia since 2012 I arrived here.
My motive of coming to Malaysia was to play Football professionally. As a Footballer I got an offer TRIALS in one of the local Football club here in Selangor, Malaysia. But unfortunately for me, just two months upon my arrival into Malaysia I had a fatal accident that almost claim my life. In shorts, to be alive today it’s a Miracle of God existence. As a result of the massive injury I sustained due to the accident, my agent and the local Football Club here in Malaysia gave up on me and consider me as a liability to them, so therefore this how I lost the opportunity to become a professional Footballer. My left pelvis was fracture, 3 of my teeth is artificial till date, several scars on my body, my head scars is the only obvious one. I had to undergo surgical operation and luckily for me the surgery was a successful. I can walk, run, do exercise and even play Football but for the fun of it. I couldn’t play Football professionally anymore because I failed the medical test then. To play Football professionally one have to be %100 physically and mentally fit. Football is a high intense game, to participate professionally one have to be medically fit!. After I had lost the chance to become a professional Footballer and considering my medical condition I couldn’t go back home to Africa like that empty handed in 2012, so I decided to remain in Malaysia and continue my quest in pursue of “Better Life” also know as “Greener Pasture”. I know you won’t blame for making such decision knowing that’s what is good for me then. Going back to Nigeria isn’t even an option for me to consider let me be honest with you cos Nigeria is a messed up country, plus I have no job, no more career in Football and there’s no skills or trade I know of apart from Football. This why I decided to remain in Malaysia and take the bull by the horns. I was and I’m still glad I made the right decision for my life, because I was able to DISCOVER who I’m here in Malaysia. I mean, I was just a good and talented Footballer and because of the love and how passionate I’m for Football I decided to build a career from it; but due to the fact that Football isn’t my real call or career God chose for me. I believe this was why all my attempt and hard-work including efforts to become a professional Footballer was wasted effort and time. The real me and career plus who I’m is #Entrepreneur #Writer #Motivational Speaker #Self-Rediscovery Coach #Leader #Actor #Pioneer #Philanthropist.

I know you might be wondering what I have been doing in Malaysia since 2012 I got to this side of the world. My first 27 months in Malaysia was spent doing the wrong thing which was (Scamming People Online) as you know. please and I don’t need to elaborate more about online scam because there are over 20 methods the innocent people can be cheated by online scammers/thief but the particular method I engage in is the popular “CATFISH” aka Fake Love/Relationship Scam. If you read one of my previous post on here I have elaborate about the particular scam I specialise on. Catfish; is a person who creates fake personal profiles on social media sites especially on dating site like Perfectmatch, Realsingle, POF, OkCupid, Match, Eharmony, Facebook, Tagged, Myspace etc, using someone else’s pictures and false biographical information to pretend to be someone other than themselves. Whereby it’s common pretending with models pictures so that the unsuspecting victims could fall in Love easily and after that we start asking for monetary assistance with all types of lies and counterfeit documents to back the lies up, all because just to get the unsuspecting victims hard-work earn money.

And since the past last 21 months of my life I have been studying and working on my self-development and building my career and planning to set up my legitimate business. My works and focus have been on perfecting and mastering my craft including learning new skills to become the best version of me.  Please don’t judge me for my previous scamming act, it was during the time of my ignorance, unconsciousness and most importantly my lack of self awareness to know “Who I’m”. To God be the glory I was able to Rediscover myself and know my purpose on earth not too long before it would be too late for me to find myself. On  30th of October 2015, at exactly 4PM Malaysia local time, 8 police men busted my apartment and arrested me at home while I was inside my room writing a new chapter of one of my unpublished books titled ”How To Live Life”. On this faithful Saturday evening I just came back from the shoemaker down the road where I went to sue my Football boots that I’m still managing for the main time cos of lack of money to buy new Football boots. This was like a joke and surprise to me because the accusation was that I’m dealing with drugs, not even online scam. If I was into drugs I wouldn’t be too broke using old Football boots or living with locals Malaysia in an apartment that the landlady has already given quit-notice to the talent, which happens to be the guy that rented the smallest room out to me. In case you don’t know, here in Malaysia drug is BIG money and drugs case is one of the highest crime anyone can commit because it’s a death sentence or life imprisonment if caught with some certain quality of drugs. I will not go into full details about this for now maybe in my next post. So to cut the long story short, after 34 days total in Sungai Buloh Prison and police station for what I know nothing of, which was why after spending 1 full month inside the jail I was discharged and acquitted by the magistrate.
I guess that’s my “Karma” for all the illegal activities I was involved in the past by cheating innocent people from their hard-work earns money online. Talking about “Karma” it really caught up on me and I must say this “Karma is real indeed it catches up on people”. My advise for you, please be careful of what you do to others because of Karma. Could you believe all the money I made from scamming innocent people online, my younger brother that I trusted with my savings in Nigeria spent all my money lavishly without investing a damn.  This part of the reason why I have been living from hand-to-mouth, because if I have savings somewhere to fall back on that I can use to start my own business, it would be easier to start generating income since when I stopped scamming. I don’t want to justify myself but it’s a fact that lack of unemployment here in Malaysia for Africans in the society has a part and if not the major reason why I started scamming initially. If I could get a job for myself I would have been doing legitimate work instead of scamming. I’m not lazy guy, as matter of fact at the age of 14 years old I have been helping my mom hawking her wares around the neighbourhood on the streets of Lagos willingly. Notice; Lagos is the formal capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja, with the inhabitant of 30 millions people approximately. I help her to sell frozen fish and chicken, from house-to-house on each streets in my hood. I guess you might have seeing on CNN,BBC or Al-Jazzera News whereby a kid is hawking goods on the street in any Africa nations. In the 90’s I used to be one of those kids. I’m not trying to justify myself, I’m just saying this to back up my claim as hard-working guy. Due to the situation of things here in Malaysia, the Africans in the society have a very slim chance to be welcomed in the cooperate society plus majority of us Africa don’t have a valid visa to remain in the country legally not to talk of working in the country. Its only few Africans that are well to do, that have valid visa and it’s because they have the money to obtain one. And the Africans international students also have valid visa.

The purpose of writing you this post is to seek for your forgiveness, moral support, prayers and any assistance you think of if possible. So that I can pursue and archive my dream to start my business and career. So first to start with is, I want to build a professional websites for my business and another for my personal professional brand.

I know this is a very long post so I most say thanks for taking your time to read this.
Yours Sincerely,

Life is a like a journey on the train or bus.

Life is like a journey on the train or bus. Before you get to your destination other passengers will arrive at their destination first, and no matter how many passengers get down at their various destination before you get to yours train station/bus stop you have to hang on. Because others passengers are getting down at their own train station/bus stop doesn’t mean you should also get down without reaching your destination. It’s very important you hang-on until when you get to your train station/bus stop, or else you are ready to be lost or the worse not reaching your destination at all, and peradventure if lucky you manage to reach your destination isn’t gonna be at the appointed time. I presume we all know time is crucial and it’s impossible to get a wasted time back. So therefor, it’s very important you wait for your turn and while waiting don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun along the journey instead of you complaining of each stop over about other passengers!. Other passenger that get down at their own various destination should stand as test of ones resistance and patient. Stop over are there to strengthen us, to prepare us, and to make us cherish our turn when it arrives.

Moral is, no matter how long the journey in the train, bus or life journey might take when it’s your turn it will never pass you by as long as you are on the right train/bus/career. My message for you today is to be patient because with patient you can have everything. Be tolerant, with tolerance you will find peace and satisfaction. Be observant, observation isn’t a crime. Be hardworking, thou hard-work doesn’t guarantee success, but no success without hard-work. And most importantly learn and help as many as you can along the journey because life is all about sharing.

No Family, No Friends, No Supporter, No Partner, No Job/No Income, No Network, & No Peace of Mind.

In the past 17 months my life have changed drastically that I never believed my eyes, even at times curiosity get the best of me and it made me to question if am on the right frame of mind because of my predicament here in Malaysia. Honestly I’m curious about the new life I decided to live ever since when I quit my old lifestyle and scamming career!. Trust me, 360 degree U-turn is one of the hardest change in life that could happened to anyone, especially if it’s involving career and a quest to “become who you are” as this will put a lots of others things out of order or within one control.

Before I start to write I want to state that I have come to realization that a meaningful life is not being rich financially,being popular,being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real,having a definiteness purpose, being humble, and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others positively. It’s only then that we could have a full happy and contented life.

Having said that, according the my “Title” first thing first so therefor I will start with “No Family” because blood is thicker than water.  if you have read some of my recent post on here you will realize that am a foreigner here in Malaysia hence the reason why I have no family over here in Malaysia, so don’t get me wrong because I’m not an orphan. I actually have a BIG, lovely and beautiful family back home in Nigeria where I came from. I have six siblings, four nephews and six nieces. And I missed them all like a year without a rain!.

2nd on the list is “No Friends” and reason being that isn’t because am not friendly or anti-social, is just for the fact that ever since when I stopped scamming I lost a lots of friends including my closest friend here in Malaysia because we are two different people heading in different direction in life. I keep my distance from a lots of people not because that I think I’m better, it’s just we’re going in different directions. As the saying goes, show me your friends and I will tell you the type of person you are, this why am always alone because %99 of my friends here in Malaysia are Africans and majority are Nigerians and co scammers. This why I keep my distance if not, am afraid I might end up going back into my old lifestyle and career.

Next is “No Supporter” as you know the world we are living today nobody will assist or support you or else it’s beneficiary to them, I reckon they are actually only few people who would assist you without involving their personal interest. And this my 3rd year here in Malaysia off-which am yet to meet such people, maybe am not lucky enough yet to meet such people, or perhaps there’s better days ahead. We all know a tree can never make a forest, hence the reason why I need a supporter for the main time.

Yeah, “No Partner”  and at the same time am not single neither am I looking because I have a fiance but she’s Indonesian not a Malaysian and she live and work in Indonesia. She can’t visit me every now and then like she used to visit me when I was still doing my scam, due to lack of financial support and her busy job schedule. As the popular saying “behind every successful man there’s a woman”. sincerely speaking I’m tired of loneliness and I need a woman that can live with me or nearby.

After that is “No Job/No Income” It’s now 17 months since when I stopped the illegal source of income, so presently I have no job which means there’s no source of income automatically. Here in Malaysia, without being an expatriate or professional it’s impossible to get a job as an African because the people of Malaysia knows that 99% of Africans that are not students,expatriate or professional are scammer or into drugs! so therefor they don’t give job to us, which is why some Africans that are not scammer before they got to Malaysia have no choice than to also engage in this shameful act, while some of the females are into prostitution.

“No Network” as I stated initially it’s now 17 months I have quit my internet scamming career which is my only source of income. I don’t have or know any other means of making money apart from ONLINE SCAM, so my only network are “scammers”. This why I need a new network to push my new career as a specialist in Scam Education, Self-Rediscovery Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Last but not the least “No Peace of Mind” Since October 7th 2014, my visa to stay here in Malaysia has expired and the “agent” I gave money to clear my overstayed so that I can become a valid immigrant in this country promised me that within a month she would help me to clear my overstayed. It’s over four months and she hasn’t fulfilled her promises till date. But this not the major reason why I don’t have peace of mind. I will illustrate so that you will understand why my peace of mind is missing. Since when I stopped scamming I decided to further my education and luckily for me I got admission to study Business Administration at Al-Madinah International University here in Malaysia, but unfortunately for me without a valid visa the school will not process my student visa with the immigration and the school don’t deal with illegal immigrant hence the reason why I had to look for a means to clear my overstayed first, if not I wouldn’t have given the agent the money to process my overstayed clearance. My student “approval letter” which is my major concern will expire September 23, 2015 because is just six months valid. Meaning that my admission will be cancel if I don’t clear my overstayed and summit my International Passport with the school before the above date. As am writing this post the agent has not clear my overstayed neither has she return my Passport. This the reason why I have no peace of mind and plus my lack of financially income altogether!

I’m hoping and praying at the same time that my dream to further my education will not be jeopardy.  If you are reading this, I need your prayers.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my post! come again.

With remorse I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all the scam victims WorldWide, and most especially the scam victims that is as a result of my own personal direct actions.

First of all I would like to apologize to all scam victims World-wide, and most especially the scam victims that is as a result of my own personal direct actions. It’s unfortunate I don’t have a record for all my personal scam victims but for sure I remember a few of them like the first and last online scam I did successfully. My first successful scam attempt which the scam victim happens to be Mr. Aaron Dayton from South Carolina, USA. He placed is used car advert for sale online and I contacted him via email as interested buyer but far from being genuine buyer because me and my partner we later sent him fraudulent check in amount of $7,500, that is far above the selling price for his car which is $2,500.

In case you are not familiar with this type of scam method let me explain how it works for you.. As you know there are thousands of website you can buy and sell anything online from Cars.Bikes, Pets even Art Works, just name it anything sell-able have a market place online. What we do is contact different sellers online randomly as interested buyer in their items just as I contacted Mr Aaron Dayton from South Carolina, America and offer him check as method of payment,but a fraudulent check is what we are gonna issue to him, and it will be far above the demand selling price for whatever items the seller are selling.

The excess amount of $5,000 on the check payment is the scam money we are getting from the victims. As soon as the victims cash the checks payment we sent sent to him or her, we will instruct the victims to make Western Union or Money Gram transfer of the excess funds from the checks payment to shipping agent that will be coming over to pick up the goods and deliver to the buyer location. Of-course the sellers we agree to the procedure and accept excess check payment thinking is legitimate transaction. After few days or within a week that the transaction have been done successfully the bank will report the check we sent to the seller as stolen/fraudulent act because isn’t issued by the owner of the check-book. Noted: If you are selling anything online and you are approach with this method, it’s nothing but a SCAM so my advice for you is do not get yourself involved or else you willing to assist the con artist as some clients does. Having said that-the checks we sent to them are reproduction checks, which we have special people that does that for a living. This particular scam is perform very fast because the money on the checks that will be issued to the victims can clear in the bank within 24 hours and some take 2-3 working days.

And the last CLIENT that sent me money was Mr Ridwan Juahri from Singapore, and the scam I pulled on him is different method. Mr Ridwan Juhari scam method is common “Cat-fish” also know as fake Love/Relationship scam whereby you meet the victims online randomly at any social media and claim to Love the victim. After making the victims fall in Love with you, then we start asking for monetary assistance with different types of lies with back up documents as proof. Some of the “Cat-fish” clients at times we introduce them to business or lie that we have some amount of money that was inherited from late parent. Noted; whenever I say CLIENTS, I meant the scam victims that sent money, because we see them as CLIENTS/HELPER/GOD SENT ANGELS.  Believe me when I say Helper or Angel, because some of this CLIENTS just wish to send money deliberately after knowing they are about to be cheated. I have encountered few CLIENTS whereby they knew it’s a scam and they still went ahead and send the money and some of my scammer colleagues also have similar experience with different clients from another country. Believe me, they are a lots of good people all around the World like that, which I have encountered in since when I was into scamming.

I would share more light into this topic of scam in future post because %70 online and offline scamming method that I know of are generated by Nigerians and the remaining %30 are between Asians, Americans, and Europeans. So don’t get it twisted as there are also scammers among other nations “Nigerians” are not the only people doing scam it’s just common among we Nigerians youth and reason being that is because of our bad Government and Poverty in our motherland!.  Scam is a big industry that generate over $3 billions yearly world-wide.  And of-course it’s obvious that am not the only one into this con act, and if am not mistaking there should be over 3 millions Nigerian youth involved in this malicious act. As a matter of fact, from Lagos Nigeria where I came from, online/offline scam is seeing as a norm platform to beat poverty. When I first started scamming way-back then I didn’t know the implication or the level of atrocity I’m committing by engaging into online scam activities. Coming from a poor family we have no other choice to make money and there’s no job opportunity, so I just see this as a way of coming out of poverty and am not trying to justify my act, am just stating the fact that surround me and what warrant me to took it as my full time job. To me scamming was my hustle, my source of income, my life and my everything.

To stop scamming is a very big decision and a bold step. I mean the money involve alone won’t allow most of people stop. It takes only a brave or something drastic to stop scamming. Trust me it’s not easy to stop scamming especially when you don’t have a backup plan like investment.

Thanks for reading this far and GOD bless. Once again am sorry for all the scam victims world-wide.

My aim is to get as many people to read this helpful information I share on here with World. Kindly tag someone, so that they can also benefit from this as well.

I woke up this morning with the inspiration to write and immediately I got up from bed, I said my daily prayers as usual before I start my day and, after my prayers I brushed my teeth and without having breakfast I opened my laptop to start writing. But unfortunately the idea of what to write about just stopped and now am in the middle of struggling to put down my thoughts together and start writing. Knowing the type of person I’m and how zealous I’m to do something extraordinary, something unusual and yet special to help the people in anyway I can. So I started brainstorming on what I could write about at this particular moment, as I continue pondering it clicked to me the topics of SELFISH/GREEDY folks online that are usually the MAIN victims of scammers.

Talking from experience, %90 of scam victims are greedy and selfish, this what made it easier to fall a victim and get scammed. For example, my own simple method of scamming is acting decent and innocent, generous, and of-course act REAL which is the first level/step in scam. If you don’t appear REAL nobody will fall a victim of your scam because the victims are not dumb or fools. Most of them are just Selfish and perhaps Greedy.. Selfishness is: (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. And while Greedy is: having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.

When I open my dictionary to check the meaning of selfish and greediness I totally agree with the definition.

Like I said initially most of the victims are Selfish, which is the reason why they are able to be manipulated. I will continue to use myself as example being a formal professional scammers, noted before I illustrate my example notice the watch word “professional scammer”. The reason why I said I was a professional scammer is simply because they are lots of new scammers out there and don’t be surprise because some of them are actually Americans, Europeans and Asians but the new scammers I’m actually referring to are the Nigerians folks who just started scamming.  But before I talked about my scamming method and how I manage to manipulate my victims. I want you to know that we scammers from Africa, we started scamming in other to beat poverty, isn’t as if we have something else to do and we chose to become a scammer. We actually have nothing to do to make money after graduating from High School/College/University and is due to bad influence and involvement of the Europeans/America in our political sector. If you doubt me, you can find this book and read if you haven’t come across it yet. “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”. The Author is “Walter Rodney”.  Its informational, educational and interesting books which I will advice you to grab a copy. If happens Walter Rodney get to read this post, I think I deserve some cash for the free advert, lol…..

Having said that, the scamming method I’m a professional in is the common romance online dating relationship, some people call it “Catfish”. I think most of people know how this particular scam works, and for those that don’t know allow me to explain the scamming method. On the Internet, a “catfish” is a person who creates fake personal profiles on social media sites especially on dating site like Perfectmatch, Tagged, AmericaSingles, Match, Meetme, Eharmony etc, using someone else’s pictures and false biographical information to pretend to be someone other than themselves. These “catfish” usually intend to trick an unsuspecting person or persons into falling in love with them, and after falling in Love then we start telling different types of lies just to collect money. The term “catfish” is derived from the title of the previously-mentioned 2010 documentary, in which filmmaker Schulman discovers that the woman with whom he’d been carrying on an online relationship had not been honest in describing herself. I hope you understand what catfish is all about.

Now my example and reason why I labelled most of the scam victims as Selfish and Greedy.

The picture of the girl am using to “catfish” is a Model and mixed Asian lady. Beautiful and young lady still in her Twenties. Imagine such a pretty lady will approach any Man randomly at any dating site, and sometimes some of the Men approach the lady first by starting communication, as you know being a scammer there’s nothing I’m interested in apart from money, because when I have money I can buy whatever I need.

After communication for awhile and successfully making him to fall in Love with me, the next stage is telling different types stories in other to get money. Imagine how can a girl in her Twenties be interested in an elderly Man in his Fifties and claim to Love him wholeheartedly and the Man will believe? If am not wrong I guess if at all any girl in her Twenties want’s to date someone older I believe someone in his Forties is still okay. Whereas in real life if any girl in her Twenties will date a guy in his Forties that means she really have grate interest in him or his wealth, if not girls in their Twenties will prefer to date guys in his Thirties.  But because of Selfishness the men will believe such a lady that he met online and fall in Love with her genuinely. Please correct me if am wrong, because I believe if not for Selfishness and perhaps %5 of stupidity how can a Man in his Fifties be after a girl that his old enough to be her father?

Having said that… Remember I said Nigerians are not the only scammers out there, but no doubt we are the majority. There are some Americans citizen that those scam that I know, and so as Europeans and Asians. Way back when I first started scamming then, I started with fake/counterfeit checks. This is another different scam entirely and it works in different method. This scam is easy, fast and within 2-3 days the whole scam is already performed..  Example how the scam is done.. We contact any sellers online that place advert for their items as for sale. As you are reading this just think about anything sell-able online that will involve shipping agent to handle the delivery to the buyer, like Cars, Bikes, or Boats even animals like Dogs, Cat, Horse this are part of what will buy online..

Luckily if the sellers reply and said the items is still available for sale, then we will proceed with the scam by offering to make full payment upfront via checks for the items about to be purchase, and if the seller accept checks like most sellers will agree, then we will send them over payment fake/counterfeit checks. And the excess funds on the checks payment will be instructed to be transfer to the shipping agent that is coming to pick up the items purchased. After few days the bank will later hold the sellers responsible for presenting fake/counterfeit checks to the banks. I think that explain how the scam works, because I have to cut the long story short so that I can go ahead to explain my reason why I said Nigerians are not the only scammers online/offline.

And when the police start their investigation I think the important question the cops would ask is how does the fake/fraudulent checks get to whoever presented it at the bank. Or do you think guys in Africa will be able to send checks to America/Europe and the stamp on the envelop will be the country post service stamp? That means there’s someone working for us in America/Europe. We have a lots of Americans/Europeans first class citizen that we will send loads of fake/counterfeit checks to and they will be the one to dispatch them to the scam victims addresses and they get their %10 share from each checks that got paid. And of-course some of the checks don’t clear at the bank and some do. So it’s a %50-%50 chances.

And here in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Singapore precisely, but here in Malaysia that am living presently, I know some group of girls that are scammers and they scam their Malaysian/Singaporean local people, I don’t speak the local Bahasa Melayu language, it’s the girls that talk and they are the ones that will also chat with the scam victims online. But those girls most of them learn scamming from their Nigerians boyfriend, just as we Nigerians influence the Americans and Europeans to dispatch checks and also teach them lies to tell the police when they get caught, so that they can avoid jail times. I hope I made this point clear on the statement I made that Nigerians are not the only scammers online/offline.

Remember I stated initially that I  was a professional scammers, and due to my experience in the game. I knew there’s consequence in getting caught by police or any Government Official so therefore, I do everything without traces or chances of getting caught.  As a professional scammer is important to play safe, which is why we scammers from Nigeria our code word is “Watch & Shadow” meaning BE ALERT or WATCHFUL. The easiest way to be traced by the police is either phone number, WiFi IP address and the money transfer receiver details.

My 3 Tips on how I avoid being caught by the police.

1: How I bought my sim card for doing my scam job. I tell the same scam victim to buy me a sim card and send to the secure mailing address, because if I use my own ID to purchase a sim card and I use it for scam work it will be easier for the police to trace me. But some scammers that just started working and without getting full orientation from professional like me or my other colleagues will buy a sim card with their ID and this how some of them get caught.
2: I change my VPN when attaching pictures/documents to my clients.
3: I don’t use my ID to receive western union, moneygram, paypal or any other money transfer.

So here is what I’m gonna be sharing with you guys today from my years experience in scamming and of-course from some article online I was able to gather some helpful information for my research. So before I come to my conclusion on reason why people get scammed I want to make it clear that, I have done my research and it’s a fact that everyone that get scammed is due to %95 selfishness and little bit foolishness. it’s very narrow chance to get someone that is selfless scam, because they are probably not interested or just being neutral.

Every day, Americans, Europeans and Asians consumers receive offers that just sound too good to be true. In the past, these offers came through the mail, email, dating site or by telephone. Now the con artists and swindlers have found a new avenue to pitch their frauds — the social medial like Instantgram, Twitter, MySpace, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. The on-line scams know no national borders or boundaries; they respect no investigative jurisdictions. But, as with all scammers, we have one objective — to depart you from your money!

An interesting point about fraud is that it is a crime in which you decide on whether to participate or not. Hanging up the phone or not responding to shady mailings or emails makes it difficult for the scammer to commit fraud. But con artists are very persuasive, using all types of excuses, explanations, and offers to lead you — and your money — away from common sense.

This article was written just to equip you with necessary information about scam so you don’t fall victim to these Internet scam artists. Education, good judgement, and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best defences against becoming a victim but you also need to be extremely careful and wise up. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it’s not probably a scam attempt, it’s a scam!

In future I’m not just gonna be telling you how to keep you informed and protected about scam, I will also be sharing with you the other side about scammers lifestyle, mentality, society, background and family. So stay tuned and watch out for my Ebook coming out!.

Thanks for reading this far… Remain blessed.

Sharing Of Scammers Strategy/Latest Scam Method

For the fact that you are reading this post right now my first mission is accomplished because the purpose of writing is to pass a message across to the readers, just as the purpose of talking is hearing. My second mission is to know the latest scam method, no matter as many as they are. So I would urge you to please share your scam experience and how the scam works. Perhaps you are among the groups of lucky ones that are yet to become a victim of scam, so is not really necessary that you are the main scam victim, it could be anybody you know as well. Your friend, colleagues or could be your family members, someone you know might have been scammed or at least approached by scammers. The following scam method are the common ones which I believe most of people are familiar with. Like cat-fish, hacking of email account by sending you a link or file and as a result of viewing the link or file they are busy stealing your confidential details such as your credits card details or social security number, ATM pin-code etc: and another common one is inheritance claim whereby the scammer will tell you that he/she is the Next Of Kin of whoever they claims to inherit the money from, and another common one is buying & selling scam, recruitment scam, Microsoft scam, tax scam, financial assistance help from stranger, notification of lottery winner or promotion gifts. Noted: any email content with business proposal or in others words any email content involving money from a stranger it’s a scam attempt. Just share with us, whatever scam method you have been approach with so that we can publish them online and share with others. I’m presently working on my website, so am looking for more additional helpful information related to scam so that we can publish them also with our own research. As you know there are over 50 different types of scam method and of-course if you are thinking all the scammers are from Africans “Nigerians” you are mistaken. But majority of online scammers are Nigerians or influenced by a Nigerian.. An example to why I said all scammers are not Nigerians, back then when I used to engage in scamming activities whenever I need a valid credit card to shop online for whatever need of mine, all I need to do is to send western union or liberty reserve transfer to one of my hackers friends of mine. Either Ruben in Russia or Mohammed in Egypt or Jai in Thailand and I also have another hacker in Texas, but he isn’t active like other guys. And I notice he comes online to talk to me whenever he need money, very funny buddy with outrageous cyber name….

Like I said initially there are over 50 different types of scams methods and there are also some scam that are “LEGITIMATE SCAM”. Perfect example of LEGITIMATE SCAM is the Liberty Reserve Funds. Do you know that the closure of the site led to many individuals using the service for legitimate reasons losing access to their money According to Internet security analyst Brian Krebs, the closure of Liberty Reserve had the potential to “cause a major upheaval in the cyber-crime economy”. I will share with you in you more about Legitimate Scam and the website where we meet hackers later.

I hope my post isn’t boring and is helpful. Am still learning how to be able to gather my thought and share with you guys online perfectly, so pardon my poor writing skills.. This the beginning of my blogging experience, so this my learning process and it doesn’t matter if it’s a slow progress, as long as am making progress that’s what counts.. I have dedicated my whole life to exposing scammer, and their latest scamming method each time I come across one. Please join me in making my Third mission successful which is to share this post with minimum of 5 people and ask them to do the same by inviting 5 other people to support this movement… My goal is to create more awareness about scam activities because people are not paying enough attention and I think is now time someone take up the responsibility to create this awareness which is what this movement is all about. My responsibility is to create Universal Campaign about online and offline scam. We shouldn’t forget there lots of scam going offline. Scammers are innovative, creative, genius and smart people when it comes to dubious activities so people has to be warn and enlighten about the damage and the danger scam can cause in someone life’s… Before I stop writing for now, I will leave you with 5 key element you should know about Scammers which are listed as follow:

  1. Scammers are Smart/Intelligent
  2. Scammers are Creative
  3. Scammers are Hardworking
  4. Scammers are Updated
  5. Scammers are Patient.   The only one simple thing you need to do to beat these 5 quality attribute of Scammers is simple obedient. Do not send money or get involve with any monetary transaction involving a stranger you met online no matter the platform you met.

Once again thanks for taking your time to read this far..

Hello world!! I’m a professional scammer that stop scamming after Self-Rediscovery. I don’t feel fulfilled with my scamming lifestyle. I want to share my story on why I stopped scamming with the World, and most especially I want to do my best to help the World on how to avoid being a victim of Scam.

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